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Walk and Earn Tokens to Spend at the Farmers’ Market

Prove you walked and/or exercised to receive $5 to spend at the farmers market!

earn a $5 token to shop with at the farmers’ market.

The goal of the Tiffin Seneca Farmers’ Market is to make living a healthy lifestyle more accessible to everyone. The market bank has allowed individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds to enjoy the market and now we have added a $5 token for walking!

Some kind of exercise is better than no exercise. When we say "Eat right", that means to add fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

So we want to encourage you to start, or continue exercising. The Seneca News Daily has offered to donate a $5 token to those who have been working towards a healthier lifestyle!

There are tons of free apps that you can get on your phone that track your steps or exercise. I use the fitbit app that goes along with my watch/tracker. It is free. Get one of those apps put on your phone. If you go to a gym and exercise, that works also.

This Saturday, be one of the first 60 people to stop by the "Farmers Market Bank". Show us on your phone, that you have done one of these things, THIS WEEK. Any one, not all of them:

Walk at least 10,000 steps in a day

Exercised for 30 minutes straight

Walk at least 40,000 steps total this week.

If you go to a gym, take a picture of you at the gym, and we'll accept that.

Exercise to Get $5 in Market Cash

Come to the market bank in the parking lot near Simply Susans to receive your token!

This plan will help you with both, exercising and eating better. There is plenty of good weather left this year. Get outside and get moving, and we'll reward you for it.

Thank you to the Sutton Bank for sponsoring the Tiffin Seneca Farmers Market.

This week vendors include: Ace of Faces, Adah Glee’s Garden, Baked by Bells, Barb and Dick’s Produce, Bella Cuisine, Clay Hill Organic, Freeze Dried Ohio, Hope’s Landing, Me and the Boys, Miss Cindy’s Cookies, Riehm Produce Farm, Sacred Soil Farm, Roseleaf Flowers, Seeds of Hope, Tiffin Elks Foundation, and Windy Wild Acres.

Music: Mike Bryce

About Seneca County Common Ground

Created in 2019, Seneca County Common Ground (SCCG) is a new organization whose mission is to strengthen Seneca County's local food system through collaboration to improve the overall health and growth of our community, and a vision of a vibrant, accessible, and sustainable local food system in Seneca County that supports the health of residents, businesses, and institutions. The board of the organization includes former Seneca County OSU Extension Agent and current Community Affairs Coordinator at City of Bowling Green Hallie Williams, Reverend Aaron Gerlach of Old Trinity Episcopal Church, local business owner and chair of the Downtown Retailers Committee Dave Spridgeon, local business leader Dale Depew, TSEP Development Coordinator Adam Gillmor, Director of Franciscan Earth Literacy Center Mimi Lange Johnston and local food vendors Kristy Buskirk of Clay Hill Farms and John Riehm of Riehm Produce Farm. SCCG oversees the operations of the Tiffin Seneca Farmers Market and supports other local food initiatives including the Tiffin Community Kitchen Project. Find out more at or find Seneca County Common Ground on Facebook.

About the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budget of needy families so they can purchase healthy food and move towards self-sufficiency. Read more at

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