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The Tiffin Seneca Farmers’ Market is a Family Affair!

When you support your local farmers market you are supporting an entire family.

When shopping at the Tiffin Seneca Farmers’ Market customers will see kids running around and playing with other farmers market children’s, some early teens are experiencing their first job, and families are working together to provide fresh produce baked goods and other items to be purchased at the market.

The Tiffin Seneca Farmers Market provides a kid friendly environment with children activities including market bingo and coloring sheets. This week a Kona Ice truck will also be at the market for kids to enjoy.

Farmers markets allow families to spend time together, work together, and learn and grow together. Emily Wonder, owner of Put Your Name on It 2014 said, “ For most people Saturday mornings are relaxing and family time. Although ours may not be relaxing, it is family time. We are a family of six that are vendors at the farmers market. Everyone of us has a job that we are expected to do to prepare for the market and at the market. Most people have to find sitters for kids when they go to work, we on the other hand take our kids with us. Helping them learn responsibility but more than anything they are forming friendships with kids that are growing up with the same hard working background. Bryce (owner of Trigger’s Farm Market) and I have also made friends with other vendors. We help each other set up, tear down and loan items when someone forgets. Half the time we see our “Market Family” more during the season than we do our actual extended family.”

The relationships between the vendors and the customers have grown more and more with every market. All of the vendors have been Ellen Bell, Owner of Baked by Bells said, “​​As a small business owner, I love having the opportunity to share the farmer's market experience as a family. It gives us a scheduled time to work together as a team every week and learn to appreciate the hard work and skills of other crafters and growers in the community. We have also been so lucky to find a new market family with all the great friends we have made along the way.”

Many of the vendors at the farmers market also support each other and purchase products from one another. Annie Bowers, of Goat Milk Junction said, “The farmers market is a wonderful resource for natural, homegrown and homemade items. My family benefits from it all. With being a vendor that produces natural skin, hair care and pain relief, I have a vast clientele and repeat clients. Plus the community loves it due to the fact that it is accessible to our community and they don't have to travel very far to get what they need. Fresh produce being one of those items, is a staple in many households like mine. So while I am a vendor at these markets I am also a customer.”

The farmers market is also a way for families to be created and do better for a common good. Leah Cordy, Owner of Hope’s Landing said, "The Tiffin Seneca Farmers Market gives us a place to sell our products directly to our community. All of our products are made by local survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence, so the ability to sell at this market puts money directly into survivor's pockets. The market is also a great way to spend a Saturday morning with my family and friends, while in the heart of surrounding downtown businesses. There's something for everyone!"

The Farmers Market also gives community members a way to get involved. Marilyn Seislove, Principal Calvert Elementary said, “I think the farmers market is a wonderful experience for the families in Tiffin. There is something for everyone, both old and young. This past week Calvert offered face painting and I think it was fabulous. The kids absolutely loved it!! The expressions on their faces were priceless. The market provides local homegrown fruits and vegetables, handmade items, and a time to chat with old friends. It is an opportunity that reminds me of days gone by. It is reminiscent of the way things used to be in small towns.”

This weekend be sure to bring your family out to the Tiffin Seneca Farmers’ Market for Kona Ice, activities, and to support the local families of Seneca County. A special thank you to our sponsor Sutton Bank! These activities would not be possible without their support!

About Seneca County Common Ground

Created in 2019, Seneca County Common Ground (SCCG) is a new organization whose mission is to strengthen Seneca County's local food system through collaboration to improve the overall health and growth of our community, and a vision of a vibrant, accessible, and sustainable local food system in Seneca County that supports the health of residents, businesses, and institutions. The board of the organization includes former Seneca County OSU Extension Agent and current Community Affairs Coordinator at City of Bowling Green Hallie Williams, Reverend Aaron Gerlach of Old Trinity Episcopal Church, local business owner and chair of the Downtown Retailers Committee Dave Spridgeon, local business leader Dale Depew, TSEP Development Coordinator Adam Gillmor, Director of Franciscan Earth Literacy Center Mimi Lange Johnston and local food vendors Kristy Buskirk of Clay Hill Farms and John Riehm of Riehm Produce Farm. SCCG oversees the operations of the Tiffin Seneca Farmers Market and supports other local food initiatives including the Tiffin Community Kitchen Project. Find out more at or find Seneca County Common Ground on Facebook.

About the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budget of needy families so they can purchase healthy food and move towards self-sufficiency. Read more at

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